4 Jul 2012

Progress from acceptance of a novel to publishing.

This is my own version of the cover.
In mid February, Solstice Publishing based in Denver, CO, accepted Still Rock Water. The Editor in Chief said, I've now read your excellent novel and would like to accept it for Solstice.

Attached is a blank contract and cover-art form. Please complete, sign and return to me.


I thought I'd share the progress made up to the present time.
In June, my assigned editor contacted me. Imagine my delight when I discovered she lived in England too. She read batches of five chapters, sent them to me with marked changes and asked me to accept by converting her blue marks to black. Every now and then, she made a suggestion. Her prompts were always good. I marked anything new with read. The editor sent me at least two batches a day. Within a week, the edits were completed and returned to Solstice Publishing.
The next stage is proof reading. Of course, I'm longing to see my cover, too. The proposed date for release was June so I don't think it will be long now.
I'd love to hear about your experiences.