25 Nov 2012

Should circumstances affect our mood?

In the space of a week, my state of affairs has turned around. Let that be a lesson: the moment will pass.
Now, I'm content.
background01328.jpg (857555 bytes)My latest novel, originally rejected by the publisher, has been accepted. All my hard work paid off.
The paperback copies of my first book, Still Rock Water have arrived and they look wonderful.
A member of staff at the Hertfordshire library is considering three books for their stocks: the former novel along with Wind Over Troubled Waters and the second in the series I wrote with Edith Parzefall , Knights in Dark Leather.
And finally, a friend put together a video for the song my character Liliha wrote in the novel, Still Rock Water. My deepest thanks to  
Rosalie Skinner, author of The Chronicals of Caleath.
You can see the video of Comic Book Story, the song here on YouTube.  Wonderful.

The question is: should circumstances affect our mood?

18 Nov 2012

Life affects our mood.

What - NOT - to do when you're having a bad day.
Here's the thing—don't take it out on your closest friend. I did this with my husband and live to regret it. He reacted. I spoiled a perfectly good day.
How to AVOID venting your frustration?
Zip up your mouth? No good. The poison would only fester inside. When enough built up, the spleen would pour forth like flood tide on the Nile. Never forget that anger is a natural human emotion. It just needs to be handled correctly.
What SHOULD you do?
I guess you should rationalize. Tell yourself things will improve. Or: remind yourself you'll forget whatever upset you when something new comes along to brighten your day. Allow yourself to have a quiet moment or day. Not every second of your life can be filled with joy. There are times when we need to grieve, to work out problems, to ponder over man's inhumanity to fellow human beings. Try as we might, we can't change things beyond out control.

picture from: mentalhealthy.co.uk.

8 Nov 2012

Another book emerges into cyberspace.

Knights in Dark Leather.

One after another, my labor produces published books. Allow me a proud moment to announce the most recent jointly-written novel with Edith Parzefall and published by Double Dragon Publishing. We love our characters, who develop more in the second book in a series of five. The final novel, which I wrote alone, is a spin-off for those wishing to find out what happened to Raymond when he's left behind.

I highly recommend joining the Internet Writing Workshop, a group of other writers who would give you genuine help and support to improve your writing.