17 Feb 2012

Book Deal--Still Rock Water

I've just signed the contract with Solstice Publishing for Still Rock Water. My perseverance and commitment to improving my writing has paid off.
I first started submitting the story to novels-l in 2007. My first attempts at writing were poor, to say the least. But the generosity of fellow writers coached my efforts along, chapter by chapter, until the end. Carol Keen blessed me with her enthusiasm. The benefit of someone believing in your story goes a long way. I thank every one of you who helped hone my skills.
Much kudos goes to Edith Parzefall, my writing partner of another series of books, which will be published by Double Dragon Publishing in May. She helped me so much. After I'd submitted three books in the Moonstone series to novels-l, I employed her to edit Still Rock Water. Yes! One of our own members is an amazing editor. She suggested cutting scenes, moving others around in the timeline and adding further scenes to bring the novel into a complete story. If anyone needs help, I thoroughly recommend her.
Now, the trial. I must have sent a query to at least one hundred agents and publishers over the last years. After each rejection, which never gave any reason so I could change the dross, I edited, edited, edited. I've reached the stage where I enjoy editing more than writing. It's a wonderful opportunity to improve.
Although the story remains the same, the writing has changed so much--and it's all thanks to the members of the Internet Writers Workshop. A publishing deal. Yahoo!


  1. Congrats, Francene. Better late than never. ;-) I'm really happy for you and for the world being able to read your wonderful book soon!


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