4 Mar 2012

Aging brings understanding

Each person's life begins with innocence.
An individual's life choices lead different ways and the expedition reveals a plethora of stories.
It's the author's job to reveal thoughts and actions so the reader can understand the human condition.
My poem below follows from childhood through seventy years of life.


I am the same now as at five years
So full of laughter, then racked with tears
I learned to keep myself steady then
The only one, on whom I'd depend.

I am the same now as at twenty
Smooth youthful beauty, there was plenty
Joyful, bountiful years of sunshine
Golden, wonderful life in my prime.

I am the same now as at thirty
Learning then to become less flirty
To care for others along with me
And cuddle the children on my knee.
(I'm the one with the bent knees)

I am the same now as at forty
Teenage children becoming naughty
But offering love no matter what
And wondering if that's all I got.

I am the same now as at fifty
Adjusting to become less thrifty
The world expanding as I travelled
Observing, as loose ends unravelled

I am the same now as at sixty 
Then things started to become tricky
Gone the elasticity of youth
Replaced by maturity of truth.


I can't pretend I don't regret the aging of my body. That's probably vanity, although I'm sure everyone feels the same. Yet, I'm privileged in so many ways.
Health, which I attribute to genetics and good living habits.
Freedom from hunger, when so many in the world have no such rights.
Long life, which continues in harmony with my loving husband, who takes great pleasure in creating culinary masterpieces, and considers cleaning up to be his duty.
Experience--joy, regret, pain, sorrow, (losing a son, followed twenty years later by a daughter), coping alone, finding a partner, travelling all over the world, visiting Jesus Christ's birthplace, Egypt with it's pyramids and museum exhibiting King Tut's treasure, Caribbean paradise, the ancient monoliths in England.
In each different era:
Life in The Fifties. Rock and Roll, realizing what life offered and exploring everything safe.
Life in The Sixties. I watched freedom explode in the world while I nursed babies and considered their future.
Life in The Seventies. Our family unit of father, mother and three children explored alternate ways of living from a large caravan pulled by a 4WD all over Australia.
Life in The Eighties. Thrust into the world of Glam Rock and big shoulder pads, I left Australia and travelled alone to England, where I met my present husband and reside now.
Life in The Nineties. Working at Elstree Film Studios and seeing an artistic side of life.
Life in The Two Thousands. A cruise to the Caribbean followed by retirement.
So many stories.


  1. Loved this! Thanks for sharing. Wow! What a beauty you are and always will be!

  2. Beautiful words and photos. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love this, Francene. Being the same age, I doubly relate to the words - and I love the photos. A reminder to all of us of a certain age to celebrate both past and present as we look to the future and whatever comes our way.


  4. Hi Francene!

    You truly are an inspiration, not only for writing but for living! I'm really happy our paths crossed in cyberspace and we were able to forge such an amazing friendship.


  5. This is beautiful, and very inspiring. :)

  6. I loved the positive message of this post!


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