7 Feb 2014

Author Interview: Alesha Escobar

As part of the Addicted to Heroines blog tour, Alesha Escobar is my guest today. She's answered my questions about the way she writes her stories.

Go to Amazon to see this.
Go to Amazon to see this.

You're young, compared to me, Alesha. When did you start writing, and what prompted you to write?

I started writing at the age of seven. I began with short stories, which I’d also illustrate with pencil and crayon, and it grew from there. What really fascinated me about writing was the humor, wonder, and means of expression I could make use of through stories.

You must have a rich imagination to begin writing at such a young age. Some ideas come from day dreams. Have you ever woken with the urge to write down what you remember of a dream?

Yes, several times! I remember reading some advice that you should never turn a dream into a story--but I disagree. Inspiration can come from anywhere, right? Why not our subconscious?

Tell me about your current work, and who’s the heroine of the story.

I recently finished Circadian Circle, the final book of my Gray Tower Trilogy. The heroine is Isabella George, a wizard and spy who’s helping the Allies against Nazi occultists. However, she encounters enemies of her own, and must forge her own destiny before others do it for her. Anyone who loves a blend of history and fantasy, of magic and suspense, will love the Gray Tower Trilogy.

I see that the first book in the series, The Grey Tower, is offered for free on Amazon at the moment. Readers could take advantage of that. Tell me, what makes your spy heroine special, or interesting?

Many of my readers have said that they identified with Isabella and understood her desire for a “normal” life. I think that’s what makes her interesting, because she’s not jumping into the fray the hero--she gradually becomes one by refusing to abandon who she is and what she stands for.

Can you share with readers what to expect when they pick up (or download) your books?

An exciting, action-packed reading experience woven in a story of magic, espionage, humor, and with a dash of romance.

That sounds good--a mixture of real life with a touch of the magical. If you were only allowed to read three more books the rest of your life, which would they be, and why?

The Bible, because I would always want to seek God (and it’s technically a collection of books, so that’s a lot of reading to occupy me). Paradise (The Divine Comedy), by Dante Alighieri, because it is utterly beautiful, and the final lines are magnificent. As for my third, it would have to be something humorous--I love laughter.

You're blessed with a sense of humor. Where can readers find you online?

If you had the chance to invite anyone to lunch (living or dead) who would it be and why?

My mom. I lost her in 2011, and I’d give anything to spend time with her again.

Sad. But loss is part of life. Although we never forget our loved-ones, everyone should appreciate them fully while they are still with us. But back to fiction. Who is your literary hero(ine) and why?

Britomart, from Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene.” She’s the sole female knight at court, and not only is she brave and virtuous, but she’s also able to prevail against the villains where several of the other knights fail. I truly enjoyed her as a literary character!

I see you love a female character who steps out of the expected role. Fiction takes the reader away from their cares. And you love to write about heroines. What would you do if you could no longer write?

I love making things, whether it’s baking a dessert, stringing together a necklace, or mixing my own hair conditioning concoction. I would definitely get serious about one of these.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, Alesha.


  1. I've written many stories from a dream.

  2. Thanks so much for interviewing me, Francene! It's been a pleasure.

  3. Interesting blog and articles. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I actually own the first two books by this author and hope to get to ready them at some point! Great interview.


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