16 Jan 2012

Just Finished--Kiss of the Tide

Latest book:

After my good friends and writing buddies, Edith Parzefall and Don McCandless read my complete manuscript through and made various comments and suggestions, I feel confident that my latest book Kiss of the Tide is ready for further revision. I'll go through each chapter and check for tension and conflict.

This novel fills in a missing four months in Liliha's life from the first book Still Rock Water in the Moonstone series below.

"So what's it about?" you ask.

"Kiss of the Tide is about an overheard train conversation, which leads a small-time thief to Liliha's star moonstone ring."

"Is the ring valuable?"

"Actually, it is. Although inherited from her grandmother, the ring is from ancient Egypt and sends Liliha into visions where she can guide a person through a trial or situation. She's lonely and decides to follow up after she fails to change a character in one of her visions. She's sort of like a detective. But, mistaken identity, sheltering a woman, and thwarting her pimp somehow manage to weave broken lives together."

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