11 Jan 2012

About The Moonstone Series

 I'm trying to work out how to get these side by side.
I haven't got the hang of it.
Rather than fiddle more, I'll fill in the spaces with words.
Stitch the whole thing into a picture.

Still Rock Water is the first book in the Moonstone series.
It's theme begins with birth. As in birth of love.
It's followed by death, then infinity.

"So, what's it about?"

"Still Rock Water is about an idealist who struggles for her own identity and fights malevolence and roguery with her magic ring."

"Sounds a little abstract. Tell us more."

"Liliha's inherited the ring from her grandmother, and with it come visions where she enters other people's minds and sees through their eyes. But her husband asks for a divorce, and everything goes wrong in her life. After moving overseas, she learns the ring's history from the British museum. New friends have similar interests and one of them takes her through a regression, where she relives her past life as the God's Wife of Amun. There's a happy ending when the man she loves reveals a mural he's painted depicting her visions and asks her to marry him."

-----      -----     -----     -----     -----    (stitches)

The next book in the Moonstone series is
Tidal Surge. As you can see by the picture, the theme is dark.

"Dark sounds good. Tell us more." 

"Tidal Surge is about an idealist. Liliha overcomes a supernatural adversary to free her daughter from an ancient scarab-bracelet."

"So, the scarab is wearing a bracelet?"

"Giggle Uhm, no. The scarab adorns the bracelet. Sometimes it appears quite alive. Her daughter tries on a bracelet hidden away in the bottom of a jewel box. She is sucked into a horrific vision where she sees through a killer's eyes as he shoots a couple on their honeymoon. Liliha, wearing her moonstone ring which has the opposite effect, helps the remaining man recover. The daughter sinks deeper into the scarab's clutches and succumbs to evil actions through others until at last she gives it up and recovers with Liliha's help. But this story doesn't have a happy ending."

 -----      -----     -----     -----     ----- (stitches)

Then comes Ever Changing Sea. This one is about the continuity of
change. With a rosy tinge to the future. Infinity.

"Oh, come on, give us more."

"Sigh. But you know there is nothing worse for a writer than to summarise her work."

"Are you going to make me beg?"

"No. I would never do that. Let's see. Ever Changing Sea. It's about a visionary woman and a charming rogue who assemble a collection of mystical Egyptian jewelry to uncover the incredible past."

"Charming rogue. Is it a romance?"

"Actually, no. Liliha wears a star moonstone ring. She's plagued by visions where someone is causing evil. The charming rogue is devoted to her and, out of guilt for former behaviour, looks for a scarab bracelet. After the discovery of a dusty bracelet behind her old oven, he acquires its pair, which he passes on to her along with an ancient necklace sent by his uncle. They both undergo staggering regressions to ancient Egypt. She has an amazing vision wearing all the jewellery together, then bestows everything to the museum for safe keeping. The happy ending comes when she kisses the charmer, rogue no more.

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