7 Jun 2012

How to stay organized.

I'm wondering how other people keep facts straight in their head when all around them are losing the plot.
an abstract floral fractal patternI'm working on far too many things at the moment. Thank goodness, now I'm finished the task, I can lay aside the novels I've been editing. But next, I face two immediate tasks.
The first is to work through critiques for Seaweed Ribbons, which is already finished but needs a good polish. I submit a chapter a week to my friends at The Internet Writing Workshop. Often I change the ongoing plot, which requires further work on the novel.
The second thing I need to do is complete Golden Strongbox, which is ¾ of the way through and has reached the climax of the story.
Even if you're not a writer, you must have similar dilemmas--things to organize, places to go and facts to remember when you meet a friend while you maintain a normal schedule in your daily life.
I tend to rely on lists. My husband and I write shopping lists and a weekly menu to stick to a budget.
monocrhromatic fractal render of random shapesBut, in my writing, I rely on a chapter rundown, where I list all the things that happen, highlighting the passing days and any other pertinent information. During April, I didn't have time. In order to continue writing, I jumped in and wrote a scene each time I found a moment to spare. Looking back, I've got many facts wrong.
Okay. Back to the list-making.
How about you? Which way do you juggle facts?                          FreeImages.co.uk


  1. I needed a detailed calendar of world events for my current/resting WIP, but for the actual characters, I just relied on reading back for the info I needed. I'm not the most organised person in the world, but most of my projects are novella length, so I don't have to be as organised as someone writing 100,000 words.

  2. I am also a list-keeper. I have several on my desk, relating to different tasks. Without them, I'll surely forget something! ~Angela

  3. I keep track by putting each chapter in a seperate file noting with one-word what the issue was as its title. Later, after a gazillion edits I'll marry the chapters into one document. I also keep a story board full of post-it notes.

  4. Ugh, it's hard. I do plot outlines and character journals then redo my plot outline then do a chapter breakdown, then I redo it all again usually. It takes its toll and then things change when drafting so... it's a hot mess.

  5. Definitely a list maker for as long as I can remember. Lost without my lists and calendar. :)

  6. I have the things that I do and the things I keep meaning to do. I'm getting more behind in the things I'm supposed to be doing and I never seem to get around to the things I'm meaning to do and sometimes I'm too tired to do anything. Getting more organized would be a big help. That's one of the things I keep meaning to do.

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  7. Hi Francene .. I'm in a complete muddle - thankfully I have a head that seems to remember .. Jubilee papers everywhere!!

    Cheers Hilary

  8. I'm not very good at jiggling facts right now and I certainly need lists to help me through. I've been working on some short picture books recently so fortunately I don't need to keep quite so much in my head. Sounds like you're well organised.

  9. I'm definitely a list person. I make them and enjoy crossing things off as I get done.

  10. Anymore I need a list why I don't know. I seem to always lose the list and have to start over.

  11. I hate them but the only way I stay organised is keeping everything in a notebook

  12. yellow post-it notes and lists. It is tough to juggle.......good luck. Believe me a reader will be more than happy to point out an error - oops, back to Kindle e-book re-write.

  13. I love lists! I actually have a To Do notebook, which I use to list down all the things I need to do for the day. I check them of the list as I do them, and it makes me feel accomplished!


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