25 Jun 2012

A new challenge.

Kym with baby Navar.
A new challenge awaits me, should I choose to accept it. In my last blog, I spoke about finding my long-lost grandson. Nevar doesn't remember his father. I guess his mother wanted to remove any harmful information from her toddler, when my son Kym died. I don't blame her one little bit. Kym had already left her and was not a good influence. But I don't want to talk about his life choices. I'd rather concentrate on the child I raised, who was loving and kind. I recently shared his letter's to me with Nevar, starting from 21 years until his death seven years later in which he expressed his love for little Navar and explained his point of view.

The challenge would be to write about the boy I knew. Before it's too late and time wipes away those memories, which are so fresh and bright over twenty years later. The challenge would be to show his son what a wonderful man his father was.

Other tasks pull at me. I'm working with my Solstice Publishing editor at the moment on Still Rock Water, which should be released in a couple of weeks. Apart from that, I'm not quite finished my current novel. Because it's about a coming apocalypse, all sorts of constrictions are plaguing me. Other novels need deep editing as well. How does one stretch time?

And yet, I consider a family record to be the most important job in my life.


  1. I would say go ahead and write about your son while he is so much in the forefront of your mind. Your other projects will become more manageable once you get this precious task underway. Good luck.

  2. You know how I feel about family roots, Francene. You have this precious opportunity to remember the good in your son - and more importantly to share those endearing qualities with his son. It could make quite a difference to Navar.

  3. I'm so glad that you found your grandson. God really is wonderful. And yes, I can understand why you'd want to share the good history of your son as well. Good luck!

  4. There are always more sides to a person than any one person knows. Write! Share with him! Everybody was somebody's baby. What a wonderful thing to do. :)

  5. Sometimes life throws new priorities at us. I personally believe it's good to accept them and see where they take us.
    My deep philisophical thought :)

  6. write or at least jot down detailed notes while fresh in the mind. Sounds like this project could also be a nice break between the apocalypse of the world project. Lighten your day at times. (and it sounds really interesting - heart warming, breaking, rending, and amazing)

  7. Hi Francene .. sounds like Solstice Publishing should be first .. because it's only a couple of week's away to publishing your book "Still Rock Water" - then that's one job out of the way ... everything else can wait, except for that Memoir ...

    However you decide to write Kym's story for his son ... it has to be done - so Nevar has his grandmother's memories of her son, and his father ...

    Definitely write about Kym ...

    Good luck - it'll come out right in the end .. especially with the positive take on that period, without the challenges encountered along the way .. cheers Hilary

  8. There will always be writing projects pressing down on you but it sounds to me as if this project is an urgent one. Write about your son, if not for you then for your grandson. Good luck.


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