28 Oct 2012

When reality and two novels connect.

Liliha's mission is vital, but she can't help everyone at the same time or chose which people to assist. Whenever the moonstone ring whisks her away to someone in need, she holds herself ready with whispered suggestions.
The smell of lily, a swirling tunnel and she leaves her normal life behind.
Transported to another place, she enters the mind of a young woman intent on murder—Lisa, holding an SSG 69 sniper rifle.
Liliha once prevented an assassination in Paris. That was easy with a crowd around the ambassador when he left the car. She'd planted the idea of running forward into a nearby child, causing placard-wielding parents to give chase and shield the target. However, this time, Liliha's subject was alone.
Inside Lisa, a memory surfaces, too horrific to contemplate. The woman remembers her childhood—tortured, beaten and taken sexually by a guard in a sort of prison. Nobody came to her rescue.
Absorbing the horror of her abuse, Liliha issues empathy and understanding. Although she wishes it otherwise, she can't relieve the trauma of the past. Instead, she eases words into Lisa's tormented mind. "I understand. The man's actions were evil. But who has the right to judge? Who has supreme power to take another life?"
Lisa reminds herself, "This man kills children--for sport."


Normal life and two novels merge. Which is valid?  

Everything affects something else. Each thought achieves a reality of its own.

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  1. Lovely post, Francene. Yeah, one might call Still Rock Water and Strays of Rio the parents of the Higher Ground series. I'll never forget when you sent me that first snippet meant as a joke. I still love the scene when Liliha visits Lisa in dire circumstances. I think tomorrow I'll blog about Lisa finally picking up the scent of lilies. :-)


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