8 Nov 2012

Another book emerges into cyberspace.

Knights in Dark Leather.

One after another, my labor produces published books. Allow me a proud moment to announce the most recent jointly-written novel with Edith Parzefall and published by Double Dragon Publishing. We love our characters, who develop more in the second book in a series of five. The final novel, which I wrote alone, is a spin-off for those wishing to find out what happened to Raymond when he's left behind.

I highly recommend joining the Internet Writing Workshop, a group of other writers who would give you genuine help and support to improve your writing.


  1. Congrats again. Very cool cover. Glad all of your hard work is really pulling together and paying off. And it sounds like you are having fun and enjoying it too. All the best!

  2. Hi Francene .. well done - that's great news.

    So pleased your Internet Writers are so helpful .. and they've obviously been there for you ..

    Cheers Hilary


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