25 Nov 2012

Should circumstances affect our mood?

In the space of a week, my state of affairs has turned around. Let that be a lesson: the moment will pass.
Now, I'm content.
background01328.jpg (857555 bytes)My latest novel, originally rejected by the publisher, has been accepted. All my hard work paid off.
The paperback copies of my first book, Still Rock Water have arrived and they look wonderful.
A member of staff at the Hertfordshire library is considering three books for their stocks: the former novel along with Wind Over Troubled Waters and the second in the series I wrote with Edith Parzefall , Knights in Dark Leather.
And finally, a friend put together a video for the song my character Liliha wrote in the novel, Still Rock Water. My deepest thanks to  
Rosalie Skinner, author of The Chronicals of Caleath.
You can see the video of Comic Book Story, the song here on YouTube.  Wonderful.

The question is: should circumstances affect our mood?


  1. Hi Francene .. well done and I'm so pleased things are working out - that's great news. Long may it continue .. and well done on the YouTube video ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Congrats and happy dances to you!

    Hugs ad chocolate,

  3. absolutely. It's all part of our big picture. Glad yours cleared up and congrats on a great week. Hope it continues on into 2013.

  4. I am so very happy for you!! What wonderful news!!

    I try to not let circumstances or events affect me negatively as much as possible, or not for long, if I can help it. I've been through so many things in my life--it's all perspective, to me. I ask myself, is this really life or death important? But I am more than happy to grab onto any positives with both hands and let if affect the everlovin' heck out of me--LOL! ;)

  5. Coming from a decidedly Christian perspective the answer is no. We should not let circumstance effect our mood, our faith, our morals. Circumstance is always short lived in the realm of life. And we are to keep our eyes upon Him and not our circumstance. Likewise, our mood shouldn't rule our beliefs or our actions. We should be steady and always full of hope. But, in truth, we are fallable humans and we all at some point let our mood run our life or our circumstance effect our mood, sometimes with disasterous results.


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