24 May 2013

Can you guess what the novel is about?

Here's the contest for this holiday weekend:

 First, read this short excerpt.
Ebb Tide

Chapter One.

Miles of suburban houses and buildings flashed past the window on the return journey from the airport. Lulled by the rocking motion of the passenger train, Liliha's mind drifted. How could she carry on after Oliver's murder? They'd only been married for six months. When her stinging eyes promised a flow of tears, she gazed down. Shielded from unwanted curiosity by her curtain of long dark locks, rapid heaving in her chest linked with the stomach-clenching spasms of sobs which threatened to explode. Her body swayed on the vibrating seat while she gained control of her breathing.

Finally, she darted a glance at the other passengers.

To stave off another tremor of grief, she tilted the moonstone ring on her right hand. The asterism, an optical effect inside the crystal, caught the flash of the star imprisoned at the beginning of creation. Liliha sympathized, confined as she was in the train hurtling towards Cornwall.

After protecting the ring with her other hand, her glance slid over the row of passengers opposite. Interest flicked in a man's eyes before he dropped his head.

Repelled by his furtive expression and scarred cheek, she acknowledged how unprotected she must seem. She shouldn't have worn the ring.


Judging from this beginning, say what you expect to happen in my latest, unpublished novel.
I'll give a pdf copy of Still Rock Water to a random comment. Make them as weird, funny or sensible as you like.


  1. Hi, Francene:

    Finally, I get to read your blog. Been crazy busy.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Awesome start to what sounds like a very thrilling book. Very descriptive.
    Oozing Out my Ears

  3. I'm pretty pathetic at guessing whole story-lines from first chapters, but...

    I think she's running from her husband's murdered and the guy with the scar is there to protect her. And I think the ring is of some importance. ;-)

  4. No fair if I guess, since I've critiqued some of your work! But I think Misha was very creative, so I'll add to what she started...

    Maybe Liliha shouldn't have worn the ring because it identifies her as a changeling with magical powers...


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