7 Jun 2013

A section of Ebb Tide.

Here's the next section of Chapter 1:

A change, associated with a well-remembered hint of fragrance, flooded her awareness. Knowing a vision would follow, heartbeats pounded in her ears. She'd be safe on the train seat.
To maintain privacy, she closed her eyes. An internal aperture opened with a rumble and crack that resembled a forest fire. Hot wind stung her cheeks. A sucking sensation dragged at her mind, embraced her senses, and spun her away.
* * *
Without a body, ethereal as a spirit, I rotate within a tunnel filled with kaleidoscopic colors. While I surrender to the freedom of the void between locations, exhilarating freedom washes over my mind combined with flashes of movement and whirring sounds.
At last, the tumbling journey stops and I gain balance. I float in the air with no sensation of moving, rather like a passenger in a hot-air balloon.
In the night-time blur below, I concentrate to pick out details. It's as if the scene before me is restricted by a telescope with a haze around the edges. Houses spread along dark streets. Occasional lights send a glimmer through the trees like stars in the night sky.
Will I prevent a crime? Assist a child?
In a sudden rush, I'm sucked below. It's like hurtling down the steep incline of a roller-coaster without the stomach contraction.
My psyche oozes past a roof to hover inside a kitchen. Overhead light bounces off the shiny table. The smell of boiled vegetables struggles to overcome the scent of air freshener.
I zap into a woman's mind. The first knowledge I grasp is her name.
Can you work out what's happening?


  1. Hi Francene .. not exactly, but I'm sure I could dream something up .. either consciously or unconsciously ..

    I hope you know what's happening and have some wonderful story to follow on ...

    Cheers Hilary

  2. wow - great writing. I'm enthralled. Rather than time travel - is she a mind traveler? Somehow, she can get in and manage to change someone's actions? Whatever - this is very cool.

  3. A really bad dream where you don't know where you are?
    Oozing Out My Ears


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