8 Jul 2013

A potential apocalypse?

Is mankind headed for an apocalyptic future? Meteorologists say any one of the many passing comets could hit Earth at any time. And there is nothing they could do about it. Every day, news stories tell of unrest amongst the population.
In the news this morning:

  • Morsi loyalists shot dead in Cairo,
  • Crash plane tried to abort landing,
  • Canada train blast a war zone,
  •  Ten die in Alaska plane crash,
  •  US-EU trade talks amidst tensions ... to name a few
  •   And Long Doom Calling, the forth in the Higher Ground, futuristic series, has been released at last.

Okay—I'm taking a side-track with this announcement. I know many of you were waiting for the futuristic group of travelers from Cornworld to reach their destination. Long Doom, the big bad city where packs of dogs roam and men prey on each other, gives the delightful country folks quite a challenge. With the centre of the city still flooded, Cerridwen needs to dive to find the treasure mentioned in the cave back in Saint Eyes.

My 89-year-old neighbor Isaac spoke to me yesterday about the premise for the books. He gave me quite a lecture. In his eyes, the books depict civilization going backwards, which he thought was ridiculous because technology is advancing. When I explained that all the technology was wiped out during the flood after the comet strike, he said mankind would find a way to keep it.
He could be right. By the way, I plan to write a novel chronicling his adventures after he arrived in London in 1938 at the age of 14.

But, back to the future: say a comet struck Earth—in England, near London. Perhaps it would knock the planet out of alignment. The fault-line between England and Scotland would crack, raising England and lowering Scotland again. Everyone would try to reach higher ground. Many would drown. Generations would pass before the land dried out. In the meantime the forest would take over. That's the basis for the plot.

Other science fiction writers have presented stories about wonderful futuristic technology. But, I've often wondered how they kept it after an apocalypse.

What are your views about a possible catastrophic future? Is my idea pessimistic as Isaac said?


  1. I think it could be possible about going backwards though. I mean since the computer can do almost anything, the younger generations don't think like we used to. Counting back change, creating, or reading for hours.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. So many of the population have no idea how to run the equipment they use, quite apart from doing simple tasks and spelling correctly. Thx. Hehe.

  2. I think your trend is more likely. Wipe out electricity, batteries wind down. Sooner or later all is silent. Rather scary. I saw World War Z this weekend - add zombies or disease to the mix and the future is not bright. Congrats on new book - you are quite prolific.

    1. Hehe. Whoever made zombies something we accept as normal? Or warewolves? Of vampires? I think the future would require disciplined minds and strong bodies.

  3. I try not to think about this kind of thing as I get easily panicked but seeing as how you insist, I have a lot of faith (possibly too much) in the men from the science lab and feel sure that they'll be able to knock it off course. Earth has been here for such a long time it seems unlikely that it's going to be destroyed in our life times.

    1. Of course, the unlikely often happens. Who would have thought walking beside a congested roadway could kill those with weak hearts? Who would have thought the number of people reaching very old age is on the rise globally? I guess they have strong hearts or they don't walk beside the road.

  4. Hi Francene .. I think we'll be around for a while - but anything could happen anytime. I'd rather see my time out though!

    Your neighbour's story will make an interesting book - he sounds a stimulating man to have nearby !

    Cheers and hope you're enjoying the summer we're finally having .. Hilary


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