15 Jul 2013

Good battles with evil.

Does evil exist? We all know it does although we'd rather not face the fact. Some say the fallen angel Lucifer began the trend by arguing against the creator. A story in the bible shows a snake tempting Eve, which led to mankind's present state of lying and therefore evil deeds.

I say it's all about balance. 

When something goes wrong (evil) we need to adjust our thinking. This leads to growth.

An example would be like this excerpt from my novel, Tidal Surge. Click here for link to Amazon. Just released:

The dashboard in her sight faded. Liliha struggled for breath in a sudden searing wind before inhaling the familiar lily perfume. A dizzy sensation spun her out of control and sucked her into the aperture.
* * * *
I shrug off my reluctance. My experience helps to take in the urban surroundings without the fuzzy edges making me dizzy. The colorful lights of a large city glow in the distance. Below, a young boy, approximately eight years old, stumbles along a paved area beside a sheet of illuminated water.
Concerned, I observe while descending. His steps take him close to tree limbs. He veers over a paved area to lurch toward the edge of the river protected by a metal fence where he staggers and falls.
Wondering if he's ill, I dive close to see a cute little Japanese face with spiky hair. He shouldn't be out alone during the night. I notice new white trainers. Someone must care for him. A half-empty bottle of sake protrudes from his coat pocket. Blood covers his knuckles and dots the front of his clothing.
He must have been in a fight. Where would a child pick up a bottle of alcohol? Desperate to help, I bond with him. I can't believe what I learn. Small for his age at twelve years old, Daiki mugs people. He stole those trainers. Underneath the recent memories, I discover other acts of terror on many more people—a total of seventeen in all. Each fills him with self importance.
Rather than judge society, I wonder what sort of life has led him to this point. He needs emotional help as well as physical. I must rescue his body if not his mind. I disengage from the small dazed boy and search the street.
Footsteps echo in the dark, revealing a man and woman walking together.
With a puff, I direct their attention to the boy's slumped form.
Mobile in hand, the man calls an ambulance.
Finished here, I slip into the void.
* * * *
Liliha shuddered. The child, with the face of a cherub, possessed the mind of a devil. Once Daiki was admitted to hospital, she hoped the authorities would find out what he'd done and provide counseling. Although she couldn't save him, other innocent people would be protected from further mischief while he took in whatever help he could handle.

Here’s a blurb:
Wearing her magic ring during visions, an idealist battles against her nemesis and discovers her own daughter is trapped by an evil scarab-bracelet.

If not for evil, we would carry on making the same mistakes, never aware of our own wrongdoing. 

I like to think I'm one of the good people. Every now and again in the past, my husband has pulled me up about my attitude toward him. I've been thoughtless or not given him credit for what he's done. After careful consideration, I apologize, adjust my thinking and restore calm to my own little paradise.

Partners all have these little tussles. Just remember to take the positive from every situation.


  1. very cool excerpt. And yes, you strike me as one of the good people. We all have our "evil" moments but there's a big difference in levels of evil. You always give us food for thought.

  2. Loved the excerpt.
    Evil is all around, sometimes of our own making, sometimes the result of weakness. It's what we do with it when identified that matters, I think.
    Very true, "if not for evil, we would carry on making the same mistakes ..."

  3. Hi Francene,
    I had sent you two mails. Hope you got them.


  4. Congratulations on the release of Tidal Surge. I think that we're all capable of evil. Not just disregarding a kind act but genuine deep-seated evil like the way that people act during wars, murdering and torturing in the name of gaining land or because someone has a different religious faith. We are fundamentally evil but most of us have it tempered by social conscience... well that's my take on it anyway.

  5. I think we are all good and we are all evil at some point or the other in our lives. It all depends on what we choose to be.

  6. Yes, evil does exist. I like your idea of balance and congrats on your book! Hope sales go well.
    Oozing out my Ears


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