27 May 2012

Creating balance.

2216-jumping dolphinAfter nearly a week of revising Knights in Dark Leather, co-written with Edith Parzefall, I've emerged into reality.
My husband and I are hardly speaking. Firstly, because I would absent myself and listen to the little man who reads out loud to me on the converted pdf file, and who can't pronounce pointed and says island for is and number for no. Try to make sense of this sentence. "Number. I don't know what that island." Secondly, my husband doesn't like the way our publisher treats us. No use telling him the book might languish away until I die and no one would have even read the story if it hadn't been taken up. He wants the best deal for me, and doesn't believe we have achieved that.                                                                                                                                                freeimages.com

3915-questionNow, I need to catch up with the people whose blogs I'm following and work on my critiques for fellow members of The Internet Writing Workshop. Then there are the tasks of keeping up with the critiques for the novel I'm submitting to the critique group and continuing to write my current novel. But something even more demanding beckons. I should now go through my novel Still Rock Water, taken up by another publisher, in exactly the same way.
And face the same problems: the little man, the despairing husband and the tussles.
Why is life so demanding and challenging? How do you create balance in your life?


  1. Tea, tea, and more tea! Sorry you're feeling stressed hun, maybe try putting it aside for a couple of days to give yourself a break and refresh your mind? :)

  2. I agree with the tea and the break. Writing is supposed to be fun. If it gets to stressful, I simply pull back a day or two. Everyone always thinks that things have to happen now and immediately, but it doesn't. The world won't fall apart if some things are put on hold a few days - it really won't. Sometimes it's hard to remember this.

    Oh, and a fifteen minute break just watching the flowers grow does wonders!

  3. Balance. What a tall order! I try to pull back and do what I must to take care of me, so that I'll be fit and ready to go around. I try to triage all the needs and requests that come at me. Biggest, most important, down to the least. Yet, still, someone somewhere usually ends up being dissappointed or mad. Usually hubby. Sad, but true. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. Unfortunately I find that blogging can go out the window when life gets all too much, which is a shame really as it is my means of relaxing and escaping. Stopping by on my A to Z road trip and having lots of fun, must be nearly time for a rest stop that sells ice cream :)

  5. Oh husbands! Still, all the complaining is probably because he cares :-) Sometimes half an hour after I've sat down to write (and just settling into it) I get: "is it time for tea yet?" or "Have you finished now?" Grrrrr......LOL. Not sure it's so much balance as patience! Congratulations on getting your book published, though.

  6. Busy, busy, busy! I'm always on the quest to find balance. I try to start my day with some yoga since it helps me keep my weight in line and clear my mind. But, sometimes I just need to take a day off. I don't log onto the computer for a whole day. Think about that! It's actually very refreshing and rejuvenating. The hubby and I hit the trails with our dogs and soak in nature, experiment with a new recipe in the kitchen or work on the many house fix-up projects we've started. Then, when I get back to work I'm ready to give it my all. I love my work, but I still need time to relax too. That's how I strive for balance! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

  7. I don't have anyone reading out loud to me, but maybe it's better that way. I guess we all want the best publishing deal we can get. Makes sense.

    We need your feedback!
    Blogging from A to Z

  8. I'm not sure that I could put up with a little man who says island instead of is. I know what you mean about keeping up with all our writerly demands. I'm trying not to get stressed out about that myself

  9. I struggle w/ balance too. Seems I'm always doing a lot of one thing, and not enough of the others. Even if I find balance, it's only for awhile. I think the goal should be to have peace, regardless of the IMbalance. Just hold onto peace, regardless.

  10. it's all one big juggling act and sometimes the circus seems to leave town without us. Good luck and one step at a time.

  11. Balance... I've yet to achieve it. *sigh*

    Although, if you are looking for some writerly advice on life and writing, check out Elizabeth S. Craig's blog posts. Her suggestions are often very good: http://mysterywritingismurder.blogspot.com


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