18 Mar 2013

March 18th

I thought I was past listening to new releases on the pop chart. I like the old music—the classics like Rock and Roll, Glam Rock, Soul and anthems. However, a new surprise waited for me with the release of a new album.

David Bowie's first album in a decade has become the fastest selling of the year, hitting the number one spot in its first week. The Next Day is the 66-year-old's first number one since 1993.

On January 8th, his birthday—and mine, he released a new single, Where Are We Now. I didn't hear about it at the time. When I saw a clip on the news channel, I listened enraptured. 
You can hear it on Youtube here.

I've always felt a special affinity to David Bowie and his music. This track doesn't disappoint with the rendition and melody—subtle, sophisticated and haunting. In fact, since listening to it, the tune has invaded my head and plays over and over. The material is strong and beautiful—both classic and innovative. Over the past, he elevated music to what could be called an art form. In the early 70's he released his first song, The Man Who Sold the World, then ventured into Space Oddity and continued on and on.

I won't be buying the new album—finances don't allow such luxury. But I wish David Bowie every success. Long ago, I read about his charitable endeavors and becoming a patron of a London boys' home. Anyone who shares the wealth they make from their God given talent has my admiration. Sing on, David.


  1. He is pretty amazing, isn't he. I love this new song and you can always listen to his stuff on YouTube. That's what I do.

    1. Great idea. I didn't think about new songs from an album being on Youtube already.


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