4 Mar 2013

March 4th

Killer robots could soon roam the skies. Is this real or science fiction? 

While I earnestly desire peace for our planet, consider the wellbeing of every living creature, and promote a caring attitude between like-minded people, scientists have joined military personnel in a thrust to gain the advantage during a potential anticipated combat. 

Killer robots could soon roam the skies, seeking the enemy during a future war. They would carry lethal weapons, and no human being would be involved in the decision-making process. See BBC News here.

The era of drone wars is already upon us. Unmanned aircraft demonstrators like the arrow-head shaped X-47B can almost fly a mission by itself with no involvement of a ground-based pilot.  Also, missile systems like the Patriot can identify and engage targets automatically. 

The era of robot wars could be fast approaching.  A laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta is already considering the jump to a fully-fledged armed robot warrior, a development with huge implications for future warfare.

How could humans even consider creating machines to release with the sole purpose of killing other human beings? They are planning for a future of war instead of peace.

While every decent person is deeply concerned with the welfare of other endangered creatures on the planet, others are planning to fight and kill a future unknown enemy.

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