25 Apr 2013

A - Z Challenge - V

The reflection of British wildflowers in emotions.
Verbena officinalis. Visionary

In late summer, the plant Verbena bears slender spikes of tiny pale violet or white flowers. Common Vervain is an old medicinal plant. Derived from an old Cletic word meaning 'to drive away the stone', it illustrates the use in the treatment of kidney stones. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used it as an altar herb, especially as a symbol of the goddess Isis and also as an amulet of protection.

The visionary Joan of Arc first had visions when she was twelve. At least two other people saw the same visible figures of saints and angels which she could see and touch. She saw St. Catherine, St. Margaret and Archangel Michael, occasionally Gabriel and large hosts of angels on some occasions. They directed her to go to France and end the suffering her people had endured.

Proverb: To err is human; to forgive divine.


  1. Such a delicate looking flower.

  2. Beautiful post Francene thank you! Verbena seems to be a sacred plant and I will remember this as I plant a new garden in the townhouse that we're moving to soonish. It is a lovely reminder too about St Joan and her visions. Thank you.
    I had thought about Vision for V -
    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  3. Excellent! Thank you for the teaching. Until this moment, i only knew Verbena is one of the scents that show up in favorite soaps & candles around my home.

    Happy A to Z!

  4. Appreciate the lesson about verbena and visionaries today Francene.
    Joan of Arc's visions of the saints and angels, truly amazing stuff!

  5. Hi Francene .. you've been giving us some wonderful historical and interesting information on your plants - I love Verbena ... cheers Hilary


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