6 Apr 2012

A - Z Writing Challenge: F

The letter for today is: F, where I feature Francene and fruit.

With the surname of Brown when I was born, my mother searched for a first name to lift her new daughter out of the mundane. She chose the French title of a hairdresser. Francine lent the quality she required. Somehow, during the registration and baptism, the spelling changed, resulting in the even more unusual Francene.
I never questioned my name, never rejected the tag which set me apart, simply smiled at the looks from other children and took charge of their games and entertainment. It never occurred to me that the glances might be derisory.
The name Francene could have been the reason I sailed through every life situation without snagging on rocky ground. By accepting what could have been a difficulty, I side-stepped to a happy life. I'd rather eat fruit than cake. Fruit represents reality, goodness and nature. Cake is made up of bits and pieces, constructed to form something to appeal to the taste.


  1. Congrats to you for taking that stance. Inner confidence. Connection to clarity. You go, girl!

  2. It's a very pretty name. Your mother was wise. I keep telling myself that I prefer fruit but, truth be told, you can't beat a lovely piece of cake.
    A to Z of Nostalgia

  3. It's a beautiful name! I never liked my name growing up. I always thought Martha was an old persons name, silly I know. I love fruit more than cake too :)

  4. Lovely, Francene... Those of us with unusual names do share that--fruit over cake (even if just metaphorically, haha). We grow up with an almost instinctive understanding of our uniqueness. Everyone is unique, of course, but it takes us less time to "get" it. And that, indeed, does make for an easier path to happiness :)

    I may borrow your idea tomorrow and feature my name :D

  5. I love the spelling and it's a beautiful name...Have a great day and glad to see you in the challenge.


  6. *grin*

    After my divorce, I went back to my maiden name of Brown. :) Sometimes it's a boon to blend in.

    But names are definitely important. I have always liked mine. I think Francene is a beautiful name. The spelling certainly sets it apart.

    Thanks for popping by my blog earlier! Have fun during the A - Z Blogging Challenge. :)

  7. I love the mispelling - a happy accident.

    We had a Francine in our family and we always called her Francie!
    Fancy Francy, Prancy Fancy!


  8. I know what you mean, my middle name is Burns, which was something I always hated. Now I love it. Now I have a daughter and her middle name is Burns.


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