25 Apr 2012

A - Z Writing Challenge: V

The letter for today is: V, where I feature virtuous and violet.

Behavior in social circles has changed over the last two hundred years. Back then, women in England waited for the right man, chosen by her parents more often than not. And men, who were free to act however they pleased, only married virtuous women.
Nowadays, a woman chooses who she will have sex with and most don't care what anyone else thinks. Romance is dead. She doesn't expect her man to arrive with a bunch of flowers to win her affections.
Violets signified modesty in the days of old. The delicate plants still grow in partially shaded areas and the flowers hang their heads, which are no bigger than the smallest fingernail. They grow so low a passing person can only see the detail if they bend to sniff the strong perfume wafting in the air.
A virtuous woman with her meek attitude would appreciate a bunch of violets, bound together tightly in the form of a posy with leaves as the border.