5 Feb 2013

Contest and prize for the blog tour.

Over the next two days, the contest will run for the Addicted to Heroines blog tour.

Prize for the Still Rock Water contest:

I offer an ebook and a postcard with my signature, posted with colorful stamps from England, to the winner.

I'll pick the answer that appeals to me with content.

So—the contest for Still Rock Water:

Have you ever wondered if your positive, sympathetic thoughts did any good?
Various experiments, including a study done in Russia in the seventies, have registered thoughts as vibrations in the air. Read here how I proved to myself how I could move a mountain. http://www.jenniferdonohoe.com/wordpr...

I wondered if one person could use a special gift to help others all over the world. I wrote Still Rock Water with that principle in mind and gave Liliha visions to whisk her away in times of other people's need.

Their cry for help would make an impact on the air too.

Do you favor science or spiritual awareness? In other words, do you take more notice of what you can see or the belief you hold?

 That should give you plenty to think about.


  1. I was fascinated by some research that a couple of Sufis told me about that had to do with controlled studies of mind over matter. And the point was that there isn't as much of a science/spirituality dichotomy as we might think.

  2. Very interesting question! As a former science major, and a person of faith, I take an approach where I believe both types of awareness are necessary for our functioning in this world.

  3. I think sending positive, sympathetic thoughts to strangers, family, and friends comforts them and makes them feel better; thereby enabling them to deal with any negatives.



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