7 Feb 2013

Strong heroines

Welcome to Day Seven of the Addicted to Heroines Blog Tour.
Today our group of authors is delighted to share with you a guest post by Cecelia Robert, who talks about what makes a strong heroine, and maybe even real people, do what they do.
In answer to the question Cecilia writes:

swirl3789.jpg (666376 bytes)What makes up a strong heroine in a story? Is it the way she fights? The fact that she doesn’t cry when something happens? Should she show too much emotion or not? A character that can fight and side step bullets hurled her way like no one’s business? 

Whether it is contemporary, Dystopian, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, everyone has their own views on what makes up a good or kick-ass heroine. Personally I think a  strong heroine is someone who is not afraid to show their true self, isn't selfish and is willing to go lengths to protect the ones she loves, protect the poor and not for personal gains. If she is blessed with the ability to dodge bullets, that’s ok. I also think she should be emotionally strong to handle the hardships thrown her way. 

What do you think makes up a strong heroine? 
Thank you for honouring us with a guest post, Cecelia. I'll include the links for the other participants so everyone can click over to read what they say.


  1. I think a strong heroine commands page time. In other words, the story cannot be told without her. And that makes for a strong story.

  2. Thank you for hosting me, Francene. :)


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