13 Feb 2013

February 13th

Two vast regions on Earth remain unexplored: the ocean depths and Peru.
Archeologists have just announced their uncovering of a new temple at the ancient site of El Paraiso, near the capital, Lima. They unearthed the temple under fine yellow clay that contained traces of red paint on the right wing of the main pyramid. The complex is estimated to be 5,000 years old. With ten ruins, El Paraiso is estimated to be one of the biggest archeological sties in central Peru. The farming and fishing community supported hundreds of people.

At the heart of the temple, they came upon a fire room, where priests would have inhaled smoke to aid their contact with their gods. We use the word gods in a scoffing manner, as if their belief held no importance or relevance. We know better than they did. We know there is one true God. And yet, weren’t the ancient ones trying to contact the same creator? Each race and creed follows their religion right now. Aren't we all linked to the divine?

Five thousand years is a long time in the history of man's existence on Earth. We can't envisage such a great span. That was back then

Time has different realities for each of us even though a clock marks each minute precisely. As a child, time dragged for me. I know now I was bored. I wish back in the 1940's someone had realized that some children require more from school. Now, time flies. I only just stretch the time in each day to achieve what I want. Yet, when I fell in the house a couple of years ago, the seconds slowed down. I had enough time to break my fall with my hand rather than hit my head on the hard surface of a marble table. I laughed with relief when I landed on the floor. Minutes stretched while I ascertained the damage to my thumb and dragged my body over the floor backwards, to lift myself up to my chair. Time seems to be flexible. We say, 'That happened at just the right time'

With potential new discoveries in Peru, let's hope mankind can use the information they gather to good advantage at this point of time in our development. Thousands of ruins are thought to remain undiscovered, making Peru a treasure-hunting destination for archaeologists and looters alike.


  1. I think it's amazing we're still discovering things about our own planet. And I'm really glad that past civilisations are so well preserved because it's so interesting to learn about them like this.

    1. The subject fascinates me too. I love to learn about how past civilizations made sense of the world and tried to create order.


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