4 Feb 2013

If I was a lead in a fantasy novel, I'd ...

IF I WAS THE LEAD IN A FANTASY NOVEL, I'd help my own family instead of strangers around the world the way my character Liliha does with visions in Still Rock Water.
Sure, everyone needs help. However, I'm far away from them all. My only daughter is staying with friends in Australia. Her two boys, my grandsons, have returned to Kenya, close to their father although they are not with him. My twenty-something granddaughter is bereft of her mother and travelling over Australia and my Australian grandson never knew his father. Each of them could use my participation in their lives.
Living in England and unable to travel. I'd like to transport to their side in a flash each time they call for help. A heroine could do that. Only once, does Liliha contact her daughter during a vision. Here's what happened:

With the release of control, her long sigh became a kind of meditation. Icy spray misted her cheeks. Water roared toward her like a tsunami. The charge sucked her breath away. When a bright flash appeared, she tightened her hand around her ring. Something about the darkness clouding her vision and the familiar scent, caused shivers of apprehension ahead of her swirl through the tunnel.
* * * *
A shock jolts through me, sending my mind into panic. I see through my own daughter's eyes. I'm with Alissa in the school grounds, playing on the hockey field. I'm stupefied at what will go wrong for her. Draw back. I've got to disengage from personal worry and concentrate. 
A whistle blows and girls spring into action to chase the ball, swinging their sticks and jostling each other. Taking me along, Alissa runs as fast as she can whenever it comes her way. Rene acts like a lady surrounded by her maids of honor. Girls on either side pass the ball to Rene to take the shot. But, to join the top group, Alissa must impress Rene too. That will get rid of the bully tactics. 
Bully tactics! I gasp. 
The ball rolls our way over the grass. Running toward it with our stick poised, one leg catches on the bottom of her new shin-guard. We fall onto our side with a thud, winded. Rene runs full tilt toward us. 
I watch with horror as a stick slices toward Alissa's eye. She must move ... and fast. I use all the mental force in my power to make her roll. 
The stick comes down on the side of her head with a thud. Unable to move, she lies immobile. Although the injury isn't serious, blinding pain sears through her. She won't sob in front of Rene, but she's stunned, unable to work out how she could have moved with such speed. 
I'm undecided about warning Alissa against admiring Rene. I don't like the scenario, but she must make her own decisions. 
As I dissolve, the other girls run across to Alissa, and then make way for the adults.
* * * *
A cry came from Liliha's lips. Her earlier visions had never been personal. ...

Of course, we're all not visionaries. Nor do we wield swords or perform magic tricks. We're just ordinary human beings, trying to cope as best we can with the events around us. If you were a heroine, what particular power would you want?


  1. Hmm... the ability to be everywhere at once and to solve every problem quickly.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. great writing and quite exciting. I was holding my breath. I think the power of teleportation would be cool - just zoom in person to wherever one is needed. After that, ummm, hopefully I have other powers too, so solve issues.

  3. I'd like Jedi powers... the power of persuasion. To be used only for good of course.


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