24 Feb 2013

February 24th

Could positive thoughts help achieve stability in the permafrost melt? Of course, first you have to believe in the power of thoughts, of prayers, and that you could move a mountain if you put your mind to it.

In varying degrees, and within our own limits of understanding, we all care about the state of the world's resources. I respect the living planet, and every form of life that plays a part in keeping it healthy—most of all the trees.

Cave data has sparked new interest in a Siberian permafrost thaw. The permafrost frontier refers to where ground begins to be permanently frozen in layers that can be tens to hundreds of metres thick. These formations record 500,000 years of changing permafrost conditions—including warmer periods similar to the climate of today.

As early as 2004, explorers noted that Earth's permafrost had started to squelch. Siberia's rapid snow thaw caused alarm in 2005. Methane release looked stronger in 2010, Arctic melt released ancient gas in 2012, and in January this year, the news was released that soot played a big part in global warming.

Scientists say that particles from diesel engines and wood burning could be having twice as much warming effect as assessed in past estimates. Black carbon is said to be a significant source of rapid warming in the northern United States, Canada, northern Europe and northern Asia. The particles also have an impact on rainfall patterns in the Asian monsoon. 

What with continuing war throughout the world, comets hitting Russia, and ice melting to change the climate, our planet doesn't seem a very stable place at the moment.

Apparently, spiritual people live along the San Andreas Fault line, specifically to meditate and keep the area secure. For the last thirty years, I've included a wish for the trees to take the goodness from the earth and spread it into the atmosphere to protect our Earth during my morning meditations.

Let the scientists and environmentalists work out the specifics of how to reduce carbon emissions. Maybe if we all sent daily positive thoughts to our planet, we could achieve stability in these changing times.


  1. If we all spent more time thinking positive thoughts about ourselves, other people and the world around us then we wouldn't spend so much time or use so many scarce resources in order to wage war. That's the worst thing to blight our world. If only we could live and work together I believe these global warming issues would have been resolved long ago... or they may never even have occurred.

    1. What wise words, Rosalind. I agree with you completely. Why do some people try to take from others? Will we ever understand human nature enough to cure those ills?

  2. Excellent post, Francene. I do believe in the power of positive thinking. As a species, we are connected with the world around us, the universe at large. That world, our planet, is in danger, and working to help it recover is paramount. Hopefully, it's not too late.

    1. Yes. I believe we're all part of the earth, in whom we live and breathe and have our being. We're like the cells of the earth's body and should work in harmony.

  3. Nice post, Francine.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I remember enjoying chocolate many years ago. However, I don't eat anything sweet now. I'll pass my share over to my husband, who loves it. hehe.


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