22 Feb 2013

February 22nd

Can we justify irresponsible, rash, foolish acts if they're done with good intentions?

A publican has been prosecuted and fined after 'nuns' were caught drinking after hours at an Irish pub. However, these weren't holy sisters, but people dressed in their full habit to raise money for charity. Apparently, there were too few taxis to transport the 'nuns' home after the event.

BBC News - lundiphoto.com
In July 2012, 1,436 adults made a holy show of themselves at a sports ground in the small town of Listowel, Ireland. The volunteers donned nuns' outfits and gathered in the field, where they were counted by officials of the Guinness Book of World Records and deemed a new record.

The fund-raising idea came from a County Kerry couple who had lost their son to suicide. The event was staged for Pieta House, a charity to raise awareness for self-harm and suicide victims. 

Because it was for charity, the local priest and sisters at the convent gave their blessing for this wacky event.

On the one hand, human nature delights in having fun. On the other, there is so much to respect and care for on the planet that this type of behavior seems irrelevant and irreverent.

Where do you stand?

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