17 Feb 2013

February 17th

Can the poor go to their Maker with a clear conscience after buying cheap food or goods?


With the cost of living rising, people on a low income naturally choose the cheapest products. The money they save stretches their limited funds.  I understand their plight. Yesterday, my husband splurged on a bunch of red roses for our 24th wedding anniversary. We married in our late forties and have shared so many adventures through the years. He wants to care for me now that I can hardly walk, and delights in cooking wonderful meals. Now, here's the rub. We have to buy the food put out at special prices from week to week.

The poor might have scruples about how animals are treated, but what can they do? They have to survive.

Their decision reflects on the Earth's resources. Producers cut corners to make their goods competitive.

In the U.K. employees took Amazon to task over poor pay and working conditions last week. They earned 1p over the national average. Today, the news has revealed that security staff harassed German workers at Amazon. Their poor working and living quarters were shown on a television program. This could be how the company offers good prices for its products.
Cutting corners.
The same thing could be said for food in the U.K. Chicken meat is reasonably priced at the moment. When I worked and brought in a good pay, I insisted on buying free range products, assured the bird had room to run and peck in the soil under the open sky. Now retired and living on a pension, I consciously turn my head away when my husband chooses cheap products. No matter how much I wish otherwise, I am forced to join the masses. This encourages the practice, yet I have to eat and live a harmonious life with my husband. Even when we both brought home a salary, we argued about buying a product twice the price of another.

The scales must reach a balance. Cheap prices drag quality down, which lowers our compassion for other living things—crops, trees, animals and people.

And there is the moral dilemma. I'm acting against my conscience for the sake of personal survival and marital harmony. If single, I'd choose a vegetarian diet. But I pray my husband and I will live together for many more years.


  1. If only we could be self-sufficient. The bastards on top have taken it away so they can fill their pockets full of money. We eat meat a lot less and more beans now. You would think if they were so concerned about our welfare like they say things along with food wouldn't be so expensive.

    I know what you mean.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. I guess we're luck compared to others, but I know what you mean.

  2. I find this subject very painful to even think about. I always buy organic free range chicken. If I can't afford to do that then I will eat vegetarian. I can't bear the thought of eating lambs or cows but as Mr A loves to eat meat I will sometimes buy it for him. I too would be a vegetarian if it wasn't for him.

    1. I agree. I don't want to eat an animal. Even so, a bird or a fish has feelings. Painful indeed.

  3. I understand full well how you feel. We raise our own eggs. I bet I didn't purchase more than 6 dozen out of the store all last year. But other things bother me. I'd prefer to buy American made. I'd prefer to give more business to the mom & pop stores than the chains....but you can only stretch one small income so far. And you go and buy to get the most you can out of it. God bless your husband for all he does. - Barbara - Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. I loved it when we gathered our own eggs. If only we could do that now. The whole thing about eating is painful. I'd prefer to live on fruit, vegetables and cereal. Yes, my husband deserves praise.

  4. Congrats on the recent anniversary! Sounds like a lovely husband, too.

    The plight of those on fixed incomes is never-ending, mainly because that's what the bureaucrats usually cut.

    1. I'm lucky with my husband. He told me when we first met that he'd always take care of me. He's fulfilled his promise a hundred times over.


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