11 Feb 2013

February 11th

A space robot is drilling on Mars. Click here to see the news story.  It will process the material it brings to the surface with a view to ascertaining if there was ever life on Mars, or if the planet is capable of sustaining life. That reminds me of the song 'Life on Mars', sung by David Bowie, with whom I share a birthday: January 8th.

 See the video of David Bowie singing Life on Mars here.

For the last few days, workmen have been drilling beside a very low dip in the road close to where I live. It's all hills and dips in this area. With heavy rain yesterday, the problem worsened and the lower portion of road sank beneath two feet of water, spreading the freshly dug soil across the surface in the form of mud.

People all over England walk the fields looking for treasure beneath the soil. A jobless treasure hunter unearthed the greatest ever Saxon hoard at Staffordshire. He unearthed 1,500 pieces of treasure. Click here to see the amazing golden artifacts and a wonderful article about the history of Britain. The treasure is currently being held at the Birmingham Museum.

Slice of moon rock is displayed at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. When man first walked on the moon, it shattered everyone's belief that such a thing could be possible. The stars in the sky are real planets. Now, with a robot landing on Mars, we await the findings of Mars dust with baited breath.

The Earth isn't flat as our ancestors once believed. Is there life on Mars?


  1. People love to dig in the dirt, and I guess you never know what you'll find. If there's life on Mars, it might be on the cell scale, but then could be grown in petri dishes. Jurassic Park on Mars - start writing the screenplay now.

  2. Hi Francene .. I posted on this .. and recently have found another two I thought I'd post on at some stage - the hoards are so interesting .. cheers Hilary


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