18 Feb 2013

February 18th

Does size matter? I've always been slim—always active. Yet, my waistline has expanded lately. I hate the way I have no control over sagging muscles. Old age approaches. What? Old age? It's just a number, isn't it? Okay, I've experienced a lot of adventures during the last 71 years so I must be old.

However, I'm inactive because of a disability. I eat a really healthy diet, drink herbal tea and exercise within my boundaries. I'm strict with myself because I want to stay young and slim forever. Ha. Ha. To no avail. Anyway, nobody can keep their youth. In the end, our body turns to dust—so they say. Earth or ashes anyway. But I hope to keep my mind active as long as I live.

Doctors in the U.K. are calling for a tax on fizzy drinks and a ban on junk food advertising before the watershed in an effort to reduce the alarming rise of obesity, which is causing serious health problems. Apparently, as a country's wealth increases, their rate of obesity rises along with it. Click here for the video which shows the charts.

Fizzy drinks are nothing but sugar and water, yet bubbles make the drink acceptable. Sometimes a person will drink a litre of the drink at the cinema. There's nothing wrong with an occasional treat, but people are including the drink in their daily diet, along with sugary food and fatty treats.

Nobody welcomes an obese body. Most want help to slim down to their ideal weight.


I don't like any of this type of food and have never eaten it. Well, when I say never, I lie. At the age of sixteen, I drank a cola product offered by my father during their evening social drinking time. I drank it for over a year and I welcomed the taste and pleasant fizz. I guess the dreaded substance coke was included at the time—the fifties. Later, I developed tooth decay. I've seen a video of a slowly dissolving tooth dangled in the liquid at the end of a piece of string. Not good. I can't remember why I stopped drinking the stuff, but I assume it happened because I left my father's house to return to my mother. A major factor was a lack of funds. 

And there we go full cycle. Disposable income contributes to obesity. I may have an expanding stomach but at least I'm healthy.


  1. It's sad how much junk food is out there. I really try to make sure my children get more what I cook myself than what they eat out there. Sometimes it is not easy to control it, but talking to them about staying healthy helps. :)

    1. The ammount of junk food points to a busy lifestyle, lack of basic cooking skills and laziness. The way you teach your children makes all the difference to their future health. I just wish all parents took the same responsibility.


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