23 Feb 2013

February 23rd

Several things link in the news today: Child porn is increasing, hackers have invaded some Microsoft computers, and nuclear plant at Washington is leaking. Each listing is about contamination.

A story of corruption: In the UK, Police have detected a 48% increase in the last four years of internet child pornography images. The Home Office said it was working with the police and industry to make the internet a safer place. I couldn't read the whole article. What is the male psychology that makes them view this imagery? It's not just a few sick men, it's a much larger number.

A story of contagion: In a blog post, Microsoft announced that a small number of its computers had recently been deliberately infected with malicious software and linked it to the facebook attack originating in China. The firm said it found no evidence that any customer data had been accessed, but an investigation is continuing.

A story of pollution: Six underground storage tanks at a nuclear site in the US state of Washington are leaking, authorities say. It was produced as part of America's bid to build the world's first nuclear weapon during World War II. The site produced the plutonium for the bomb that was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Production at Hanford continued until 1989.

Now, Nearly 200 ageing containers hold millions of litres of radioactive waste left from decades of plutonium production for nuclear weapons. There is no immediate threat to health and plans are in operation to make the fuel safe and store it deep underground in stainless containers. Worrying times.

Shame on mankind for trying to invade other countries, causing that population to defend and protect in a way that sends horror through us, even now. Shame on people who hack into computers and spread infection just for the fun of it, causing misery and worry to those people whose processors are affected. Shame on male predators who strip innocence from children for their own selfish desires. The effects on those children will last their whole lives.

But we're just ordinary people, doing the best we can in our own life. Rather than condemn, let's respect the best in man—shrug off the bullies and live our life in joy—appreciate the wonder and beauty around us. Despite the light snow falling outside my warm study window, tiny leaves have formed on the thorny twigs of the Queen Elizabeth rose.


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