10 Jan 2013

January 10th

On the news, we hear daily reports of catastrophes from around the world. At the moment, firefighters in Australia are racing against the clock to bring the remaining bushfires under control before another heatwave hits parts of the country and a cyclone gathers strength off the Australian west coast. Floods inundate the north of England and the coldest snap ever is poised to hit the whole country. Overseas, whales are trapped under Canada ice, a rare snowstorm threatens Jerusalem, and African famine causes countless deaths.

Mother Nature can take our possessions at any time, whether we're prepared or not.
War rages overseas despite foreign countries willingness to help. Closer to home, a personal accident could cause death at any time. It makes you think. What are we all striving so hard to amass? Why is it so important to have this or that thing? When possessions are stripped away, our loved ones mean the most. I've lost two children out of three. My youngest daughter hardly contacts me. I worked so hard to raise them with strong moral values and an ability to survive. My strategy worked in reverse because I'm still standing.


  1. Francine:

    I find myself wondering the same things. And my daughters only call when they want money or a favor.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Hi Francine
    Watching these fires here in Aus we are seeing how fragile we are and how meaningless personal possessions are. You are right, but dont forget friends in that 'loved ones' group. Sometimes they are just as precious to us as our children and the best thing is that you dont have to bring them up.
    Send some of that cold down here please and I'll send you some warm.

    Deb xx

  3. Love is always the most important thing in all its many forms, in my opinion. Life has always been unpredictable and can turn upside-down in a moment and it always ends--so live and love while you can--with gusto!! There's always plenty of time to deal with whatever may come when it gets here. :)


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