25 Jan 2013

January 25th

An interview question, and my answer, triggered a series of thoughts on the different aspects of love. When asked why I write paranormal romance, I replied:

I write about visions, concepts and things we cannot see, yet know exist: kindness, understanding and a sense of fate. Love is the most basic and important of all human emotions. Love, in all its forms, is part of every story. In Still Rock Water, Liliha seeks romance after losing everything—her home, her children and her marriage.

During the early hours, I remembered my departed loved ones. I love all three and don't believe their essence is gone. Thoughts of my mother generate a feeling of devotion. She lived a hard life and maybe wasn't strong enough to fight for herself in her youth—a trait she overcame a little too late before althimers claimed her mind. I send her peace and healing. My first-born son, who grew to be a man of giant proportions, knew what he wanted and followed his own drum. I send him understanding. His sister, a gentle soul, became ill after he died and wasted away fifteen years later. I send her peace and the strength of my love.

Love takes so many different forms. Each direction love takes is of great consequence. Love is all. The pathos expressed in the song: She expresses love for an individual in all their unique traits.

I don't mourn my loved ones' lives. I celebrate having known them and hope to up meet again. We don't know what happens after we die. Science says nothing, religion says a heavenly state. I know which one I prefer to believe.

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