4 Jan 2013

January 4th

After 'liking' a fellow fantasy-author's page on facebook, I asked her how she'd become so popular. I couldn't believe her generous reply. She offered to share with me a booklet she'd compiled about the hard work she'd done to generate interest. Of course, I responded with a yes. After that, she requested my details and posted them on her wonderful website. Straight away.
Never give up on people. Even when nothing seems to be working according to the plan you've set for your future. Who knows what should or shouldn't happen? Serendipity could take you for a spin in another direction.
Small events can change the world.
What's happening in mine? Well, my husband drove me to a local supermarket, removed my walker from the boot and we strolled around, discussing the items on sale. We only bought the things on our list. I returned home tired, but well exercised in comfortable new shoes, bought the other day with the Christmas money from my American son-in-law.

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