16 Jan 2013

January 16th

In the latest news, 'Horsemeat burgers' are being investigated in the U.K. and Ireland.
I find this shocking. Wonderful, beautiful creatures, who have served mankind since the earliest recorded times, are now being cast aside and eaten. We're not short of recourses. There is no reason for this behavior apart from greed.
The products have been stocked by two of the U.K's biggest chain supermarkets as well as others in Ireland. Tested samples contained 29% horsemeat. In addition, 31 beef meal products, including cottage pie, beef curry pie and lasagne, were analysed, of which 21 tested positive for pig DNA. This is unacceptable for people who wish to avoid pork according to their religious beliefs.
This deplorable news drives home the point that we should eat real food—not takeaways or ready-prepared meals. Our trust in manufacturers is destroyed once again. About ten years ago, kangaroo meat was found in burgers in the U.S.A. What next?
Put it down to life experiences and move on. Cook fresh food from reliable sources if possible. Wash vegetables bought from a supermarket in case of contamination from the soil or pesticides. Look up to the sky for inspiration and remember we live in a wonderful world. We have a right to be here.


  1. Hmm. I don't think I've ever tried horse meat. Currently I'm on a red meat ban and just eating poultry and fish. It has to do with purines and gout, etc.

  2. Wow, I saw the headline this morning but haven't had a chance to read the article. I had no idea the amount was so high.


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