2 Jan 2013

January 2

In England, Australia and America, friends wish each other a Happy New Year. When I say that, I mean to give a blessing on their future life—as if I beamed a reflection of love from the Creator. Perhaps, the hope fires my thought, as if the benediction will influence their lives.
However, other inhabitants of Earth continue fighting, killing, preying on the weak and making war.
The morning news feed on my computer mentioned gossip of the latest celebrities, helpful hints for saving money and advice about eating, but not violence or a catastrophe. I took that as a reflection of the increase in earnest good intentions generated by religious celebrations followed by those for the New Year. Maybe I'm wrong. The news staff could be taking a break along with the rest of us.
Under a chilly grey sky here in England, I long for the heat and air clarity in Australia, the land of my birth. And yet, I live content in my husband's company, sure of food, healthcare, a protected future and secure against foreign threat—at least for the present. How many of the aging population in the world can say the same?


  1. I'll wish you a blessed New Year - something everyone can use, and it sounds like you are blessed.

  2. Continued blessings to you and to all the writers who try and make sense of this troubled world.

  3. interesting reflection and contemplation. I like to think in the scheme of things that a lot of folks do have heat, food, etc. The news has to sell their stories and sadly, it is the "bad" stuff that's newsworthy. Counted blessings can be difficult but worthwhile. Sounds like you are off to a good start for 2013


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