18 Jan 2013

January 18th

In my early married life, I lived at Beveridge, Victoria, Australia on the Hume Highway leading out of Melbourne towards New South Wales. We rented a farmhouse close to my brother-in-law and practically nothing else. Just a few scattered farm dwellings and one shop. Horses roamed the fields and one even poked its head inside the dinning room window one sunny day, much to the delight of my toddler.
Ned Kelly, the famous bushranger hanged for murder 130 years ago, used to live close by. His bones have been exhumed and the authorities have decided to grant his last request to be buried close to his mother in a cemetery in Greta, not far from the site of his gunfight with police in Glenrowan.
What makes this rogue memorable? Maybe we need colour in our lives, or admire individuality. I remember an Italian war prisoner gained the status of a hero when he broke out of jail countless times in Victoria, Australia. The indomitable spirit inspires us. To dream the impossible dream ... To fight the impossible foe ... Listen to Elvis


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  2. Hi Francene I heard about Ned Kelly being re-interred near his mother ... seems a decent thing to do .. life was different then.

    I too like individuality .. and your Italian sounds another good candidate ... especially for a story or film ..

    Cheers Hilary

  3. In a weird way, I've always liked Mafia stuff. A friend of mine from junior high was a distant relative to a Mafia mob guy and there was even a shooting in Philly that he was involved in. All horrible and yet weirdly fascinating. I totally get your interest.

  4. This is a very interesting story. I like your blog very much.



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