17 Jan 2013

January 17th

The way each body forms never fails to amaze me. Scientists - at the University of California, San Francisco, and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - believe that body-penetrating light can alter the development of the eye, at least in mice. In other words, tiny amounts of light in the womb give healthy eyes.
Now my body's formation is another matter. It's still developing after three score years and ten. Not sure I like the changes, but that's nature. We weren't meant to live forever (although some movie stars use cosmetic alterations to cling to their youth with laughable results). My chin is doubling. Haha. We'll see about that. I mean to use exercise to control the flab.
Every morning, I stretch my neck, back and arms in a practice I've developed over thirty years. After the sight of a second chin peeping under the one I associate as normal, I added a new workout. A new product shown on a television advertisement recommended their product to control a double chin. But I, in my wisdom, substituted their gizmo for a plastic jar measuring 3 inches across. That's 22 cm. in metric.
I grip the container under the chin for the count of 10 and then swap hands to adjust for another count which I repeat 10 times. I like counting. In this way, I maintain my customary exercises before meditation for about half an hour. Although I've just woken and shouldn't need to relax and unwind, the routine imparts peace to begin the day.


  1. I've had to slow up the exercise pace do to health. I've adopted isometrics with stretching. Not sure if I like the direction my body is going in as well.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Stretching correctly is supposed to do wonders. Keep up the good work, but don't stretch into Gumby (remember that toy?) I try to stretch at work in between sitting too much at the computer. It helps.

  3. Sounds like you've got a great routine going. Interesting to think that our bodies never stop changing - we need to keep adapting to that.


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