14 Jan 2013

January 14th

The ever-increasing technology of mobile phones astounds me. However, the apps included don't interest a woman of over seventy years. For me, there is too much of interest going on in life around me. Today, the forecast cold snap has arrived and snow covers the ground outside my window. I can't see any birds and the reduced passing traffic is strangely silent. Opposite a strip of forest and surrounded by fields at the front and back, I live on a busy road in the center of a steep hill. I use the term, road, loosely. Although it's an artery in and out of Borehamwood, the narrow strip passing through my small historic village consists of only two lanes. I'm connected to life in the steady stream of cars, busses, lorries and the occasional blaring police car and ambulance. But not today.
Communication on mobile phones reminds me of an idea Edgar Cayce spoke about in the 1940's. Called the sleeping psychic, he used a trance-like state to discover possibilities he'd never thought possible. A simple Christian man didn't want to find out about a complicated afterlife. However, every time he relaxed for a trance, his family recorded his words, now published in many fascinating books.
He travelled through the different levels people achieve after they die and came to a happy place that we might think of as heaven. Here, peaceful people work on things they love like painting or participate in discussions in what we call the universal consciousness. They build their homes using the mind and communicate with their friends without need for devices like mobile phones. They could travel just by wishing it so—no need for airplanes.

Perhaps, mankind is striving for the heaven they left behind and will return to again.


  1. Wow, universal consciousness sounds like scary mind control and appears to be a goal of our current society. Maybe they should focus on heaven more.

  2. Hi Francene .. Edgar Cayce's musings sound very interesting ... sleeping psychic .. interesting thought ... His description sounds a very wonderful place ... peace at last ..

    Cheers Hilary


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