15 Jan 2013

January 15th

A blast from the past in the form of a jingle reminder to help you tan all over: Time to turn, so you don't burn. Once something like this gets into your head, the tune stays in your mind and plays over and over. It takes me back to the age of seventeen. I'm lying on the beach at Glenelg, South Australia. We've just moved from Victoria to stay with my Uncle Peter and look after his two young children after their mother left. Back then, families cared for each other. The new area excites me with its promenade along the beach, tramline between Adelaide and the coast, long jetty and excited people enjoying the seaside. Our family home is built several blocks back from the beach—a short walk to paradise because now boys watch me from the lifesaving building at the edge of the sand.
Out with the coconut oil. My skin prickles under their scrutiny while I rub the fragrant white lotion into my legs.  The song on the radio cuts off. The announcer's voice purrs and here comes the song again: Time to turn, so you don't burn. Screwing the plastic top onto the glass jar, I follow instructions. My breasts press into the towel, which accommodates the shape like memory foam without the automatic ease-back. The sun on my back makes me dream of a time when I'll make new friends of those boys above. In fact, I'm too hot. With the swift motion of a young cat, I rise and run into the water in my itsy, bitsy ...

 Listen to The Unforgettables sing: Itsy Bitsy Tinie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini:  


  1. Cool memory. Nothing like a beach and the promise of summer love.

  2. You look so young and beautiful in the picture! Thanks for sharing.

  3. One of my friends (in our 20s) didn't know you had to reapply sunblock. She got several major burns before remembering. The sun can be cruel to those of us with fair skin. :)

  4. What happened to Uncle Peter and his children? Where are they now? The photo of you is lovely and it looks as if you were "Miss ? ? ?" Did you win a contest?


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