28 Jan 2013

January 28th

Perhaps there is a deeper level of consciousness in some animals than we realize. Although they don't speak to us with words, their eyes express their intelligence, sympathy and love.
BBC News
I read about dolphins in one of Edgar Cayce's books. Over many years, the sleeping psychic discovered otherworldly layers. The uneducated simple farmer spoke about things beyond his understanding. One thing caught my attention from his recorded words: when the inhabitants of Atlantis blew their island out of existence through the power of their minds, they chose to return to the physical life on Earth in the form of dolphins. Since reading that, I've regarded the sea mammals with awakened interest.
In the BBC Nature news today: Five individual common dolphins have been seen gathering to aid a dying companion. They formed a raft with their bodies in an attempt to keep the stricken dolphin afloat and help it breathe.
Korean-based scientists witnessed the event in the East Sea off the coast of Ulsan, in South Korea. This is the first time that a group of dolphins has been recorded trying to help or save another dying dolphin. Before, observers noticed individual mothers supporting dead or stillborn calves at the surface.
During a later trip, the Korean researchers observed twelve individuals swimming very slowly. Though it could move and splash its tail, its flippers appeared to be paralysed and it had red marks on its belly. A number of dolphins circled this group, while those within appeared to be trying to help the stricken dolphin maintain its balance, by pushing it from the side and below. The 10 remaining dolphins took turns to form a raft using their bodies. When the stricken dolphin appeared to die, the others continued to assist its vertical body.
Although I'm steady in my acceptance of the Creator's love, I don't know what happens when we die. Some say that people cling to religion or belief to give them something to look forward to rather than face their demise with fear. No matter what we believe, the future will reveal itself at the allotted time.


  1. I'm reminded of recent article in the Australian news about a dolphine that appealed to divers for help. The diver helped free the dolphin's fin from a net, whereupon it swam to the surface- to breathe- then returned to the diver so he could cut the remains of net off the animal.

    I haven't read about Cayce in a long time. His name, mentioned in your post caught my attention.

    But then, I'm also reminded of a program I watched where a herd of elephants came cross the remains of one. The lead bull picked up the skull with his trunk and trumpeted, the presenter believed the elephant recognised the skull as once part of a breathing member of the species. I watched it and wondered if the the trumpet wasn't a way of respecting the dead.

  2. Interesting. I read that elephants mourned their own. I'm sure there is more amongst varioius animal species that they are still learning about in regards to death.

  3. I am always awed by the mammals of the world. Dolphins for some reason seem to have a deeper connection with each other and us. Your post reminds us that caring for each other does not stop with humans. Thanks, Francene.

  4. I'm behind on my blog reading but I'm glad to have caught up on yours. I love your animals posts. Dolphins seem like such a great group of animals to be a part of.


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