3 Jan 2013

January 3

Another grey day in Old London Town—mild for the time of year at 11%. Yesterday, I watched an eleven minute video of New Year's Eve fireworks in London. Against the setting of Big Ben and the London Bridge over the Thames River, the spectacle held me spellbound. The Olympic Games finished only a matter of months ago and that was the best ever in the way of entertainment and tearful joy.
However, where does all the spare money come from?
I read of Sydney Harbor's New Year celebrations the day afterwards and couldn't help wondering how they could spare the four million dollars. Although I live close by, I didn't even know London had done the same thing.
Back to the point I want to make. With a national debt dragging the United Kingdom down, why does the government squander money? To keep the population's spirits up?  Those in charge of the country's finances have made cut-backs to underprivileged groups in a drive to save money. Counting myself among them as a pensioner, I know where my priorities lie.


  1. HI Francene, Great insight in your post. I have also wondered how the struggling economy can justify such grand New Year's celebrations! As you said, maybe because they do keep spirits up! ~Angela

  2. I wonder about the same sorts of things - but they would also face criticism for not putting something on... I know I wouldn't want to be part of the government. That's a different level of pressure!


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